The Vips.
Right Back.
The Blouzz.
Back Again.
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Angels Would Fal (WetPaint)

Before You Accuse Me (WetPaint)

Blues (Pancake)

Cést La Vie (The Vips)

Do That To Me One More Time (The Vips)

Fire (The Vips)

Girl (WetPaint)

Hound Dog (The Vips)

I Got The Music In Me (The Vips)

I Put The Spell On You (WetPaint)

I Want Your Love (The Vips)

I Will Survive (The Vips)

It's So Easy (The Vips)

Jambalaja (The Vips)

Lost The Music (The Vips)

Misty (Pancake)

One Day I'll Fly Away (The Vips)

Shake Your Body  (The Vips)

She Will Be Loved (WetPaint)

Stand By Your Man (The Vips)

The Girl From Ipanima (The Vips)

The Other Side Of The Sun (The Vips)

Weekand Love (The Vips)

You (The Vips)

Marble Sound Studio 1985

Leo Zwemmer-Lesley Hargreavess

Marchel Halff -Bert Afink

Opnames van Bandjes
Got To Get You Into My Life
Little Night Mares
Single 1
Spinning Wheel
The Real Thing
Theme From The  A-Team
Track 01
Track 02
Maarten Schiphorst Band
Close Your Eyes
Stay With Me
You And Me

Openings Lied (Pygmalion) (1992)

Straat Waar Jij Woont (Pygmalion) (1992)

Is Hier Nu Niemand (Pygmalion) (1992








Musicals Kolhorn 1990

Jos Glim-Jan Meijer-Bert Afink

Eigen Liedjes

Blood of Tears

Funky Jazz

Jeeve Classic

Lazy Sunday Morning

Soundpool Jazz

Sweet India Dreams

Walz Azet

Mistery Track

Punk Blues Jazz

Sweet George Brown

Keep Your On My Mind

Classic Jazz Funk

If I Come Home

Ruud Stam Band 2017

Ruud Stam-Doris de Rijker-Bert Afink

Hans Manshanden-Christian Leffelaar


Back (Ruud Stam Band)

Tailspin (Ruud Stam Band)

Holiday (Ruud Stam Band)